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1st Annual Equipment Sale  Sep 9, 2006





The 50/50 draw winning ticket


Halifax Hawks “New 2-U” Equipment Sale Day on Sep 9, was a great success


The Event was led by Chris Harrington, Christine Saulnier and Jodi
Tsitouras of the Hawks Executive*, with the supportive volunteer cast of
Heather Sutherland, Bernadine MacAulay*, Peter Sullivan, Paul Taylar,
and Stan & Donna Hennigar.

Special Thank You's at the outset are extended to the following folks
who donated hockey gear for the sale, which generated almost $300:
Joseph Ghosn, Jim Bethune, Bernadine MacAulay, Kerry Hodgson, Charles &
Andrew Leonard, David Beattie, Alan & Kyla Hennigar, Ian Grant, Conrad
Fernandez, Kyle LeBlanc, Mark Maxwell, Gary Powell, Neil Grewal, Susan &
Jordan Bonang, Paul Tomcik, Brian Woods, Cindy Riguse, Mike Trifos, Todd Beaver and more.


THE WINNING TICKET FOR THE 50/50 DRAW WAS # was claimed by Richard Jordan, who has graciously donated the funds back to the Hawks.

Thank You also to Brian Emanuel of M&M Meat Shops for giving his time
and providing the equipment for serving up those awesome burgers and
dogs (be sure to keep M&M's in mind the next time you're thinking of
firing up the BBQ!)

Notable thanks to the many who rented tables for the Event -- we hope
you were pleased with the sales made from the Hawks Annual Gear Sale!

We would be remiss to not extend thanks to our dedicated friends at the
Hawks home arena, Jack and Stuart Poteri, who graciously agreed to allow
the event to happen simultaneously with the first day of Tryouts!

Finally, thank YOU for responding so positively to the Event and for
coming out in supporting the fundraiser in whatever way you did!!
This first annual event raised $731.37 (... and financial donations are
still MOST welcome - contact Christine at 455-1877 should you wish help
this event grow!!)   As you all know, this money will go towards helping
kids play this year with the Hawks whom, without some financial support,
may not otherwise be able to play hockey this year.

Thanks again and we will see you again next year at the 2nd Annual ....

PS - Carter Harrington, age 8, bought his very first Official's Jersey
at the sale from the Chisholm family, but unfortunately misplaced it.
If you have it, please get in touch with Chris at 443-5883.  Thanks



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