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Pee Wee AAA Hawks 2007/8

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Team Roster  2007/2008
Jersey # Player First Name Player Last Name
1 Mason  McDonald
3 Taso Sarlanis
4 Liam Murphy
5 Adam Clarke
6 Jordan Yochoff
7 Bryce   Burgess
8 Riley Cameron
9 Alex   MacNeil
10 Liam Mitchell
11 Ryan Falkenham
12 John   Macdonald
14 Brett   McNeil
15 Jordan Bezanson
16 Kelly Bent
17 Brian   Reardon
30 Jack Flinn
34 Liam Rappoldt
Head Coach Graham Burgess
Asst. Coach Don  Reardon
Asst. Coach Steve Bent
Asst. Coach Corey Nelson
Asst. Coach Jesse Ferguson
Asst. Coach Brandon Newton
Manager Diane Macdonald


The Halifax Hawks PeeWee AAA team defeated Acadia to win Gold in the Western Valley Spartan PeeWee AAA Tournament November 11, 2007.
The Hawks were undefeated in all 5 games.

Front: Mason McDonald, Jack Flinn

1st Row: Bryce Burgess, Riley Cameron, Adam Clarke, Taso Sarlanis, Jordan Yochoff, Ryan Falkenham, Brian Reardon, Brett McNeil, Kelly Bent

2nd Row: John Macdonald, Liam Mitchell, Liam Murphy, Jordan Bezanson, Head Coach Graham Burgess

Back Row: Asst Don Reardon, Asst Corey Nelson, Liam Rappoldt, Alex MacNeil, Asst Steve Bent

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