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Coach's  Policy Checklist

The HHMHA Executive requires a high standard of conduct from its coaching staff in dealing with all participants and parents in the Minor Hockey world. The coaching staff is an integral part of the Halifax Hawks Association and is expected to support the decisions of the Executive and abide by the HHNHA Policies. The following is a list of items this Association expects from its coaches:


All team members will shake hands with their opponents at the END of the game.

The coaching staff must have a controlled attitude towards referees. Lack of coaching self control will not be accepted by the HHMHA Executive.

All Coaching Staff participating in any on ice session are required to wear a CSA Approved Hockey Helmet fastened by the chin strap.  Any coaching staff not wearing a CSA approved hockey helmet is not allowed onto the ice. Having adults on the ice without helmets violates insurance rules and regulations. The HHMHA will not compromise the safety and integrity of its participants if helmets are not worn on the ice by all coaching staff.

Participate in player selections. Consulting with and help other coaches. Discuss final cuts with other coaches, Divisional Directors and Vice Presidents.

Conduct post tryout parents meeting

Conduct team control and have well organized practices.

Apply discipline fairly, when and where required. A coach may suspend, for discipline, any player for up to one game. Suspensions of more then one game must have the approval of the Divisional Director. The Divisional Vice-president shall be advised of all such suspensions.

Report continued discipline problems to Directors.

Encourage participation in Association fundraisers.

Ensure players equipment is safe and in good condition.

Accept responsibility for condition of dressing room. Assisting the rink staff as required.

Communicate with other coaches, managers, Director of Development and the Division Director and Vice Presidents.

All coaching materials handed out is the property of the Halifax Hawks and is to be returned at the end of the season or when asked.

All tournament banners are the property of the Halifax Hawks.

This coming seasons, in an effort to maximize the Development Weekend concept, the event will occur on the same weekend for all associations throughout the province in November  and will coincide with 'Hockey Week in Canada'. In an effort to ensure that all associations and teams involve themselves in this worthwhile initiative, associations, leagues and teams will not be permitted to play games during these dates. The entire focus on this weekend will be developing our members. All Halifax Hawks players and coaches will be expected to participate in Development Week.


These polices can change from time to time and any Coaching Staff member found to be not abiding by these policies will result in the following:

            1st Offence– Written Warning

            2nd Offence- game suspension

            3rd Offence– Immediate Suspension of all duties until a review by Hawks Coaching Selection Committee is completed.

Any member of the Hawks Executive made aware of a violation of this policy is to report it immediately to VP Competitive or VP Recreational.



Passed 2004 by the HHMHA Executive