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Each year Competitive Teams fundraise thousands of dollars to help run their programs. Therefore there is a need for guidelines to ensure the money being raised under the Halifax Hawks Minor Hockey Association name is managed properly.


Each manager is required to submit their proposed budgets and fund raising activities to the HHMHA Executive. Please send these to your Directors no later than October 31st. Teams failing to do so will have there Travel and Exhibition Permits revoked.


We will require an Expense and Revenue Balance Sheet and a bank ledger, including who your cheques where made out to. Any entry marked Miscellaneous must be itemized. Final year budgets are to be submitted to the HHMHA no later than April 30th of the year. 


The list of guidelines a team must comply with are as follows: See Team Funds Document below. For "Travel and Administration Expense Form", please go to Downloads and get your copy.

****Team Funds Document****

Coach's Policy Checklist
These policies can be found under Coaching Staff/ Resources

Handling of Excess Team Funds


Parents are entitled only to the original start- up fees, provided excess funds are available. This amount will be reduced by items purchased on the prohibited list(see Team Funds), should a sponsor not have been used or additional monies not applied by parents for said items.


Any funds in excess of original start-up fees are to be handed over to the Halifax Hawks at the conclusion of the hockey season. These funds will follow the players to another HHMHA teams in the preceding year. They cannot be used for Registration, Competitive or tryout fees in any year. They may only be credited to the identified players fundraising requirements for the following season.


Should a player cease to be a member of a competitive team and leave the HHMHA for any reason, all excess funds will be place in the Halifax Hawks Subsidy Account and used appropriately.  

Hockey Rink Etiquette For Parents


            Though most of us are hoping for many more weeks of nice weather, the shorter days mean the 2005-‘06 youth hockey season is around the corner.

            From house-league to the highest competitive levels of all-star or AAA “rep” teams, players — and their parents — have already gone through a tryout process, often jockeying to see which team they will represent over the next several months.

            Youth hockey is an intense game on the ice, and sometimes it can be just as intense and tense off the ice.

           There, we see parents jawing at each other, at players, at coaches, at game officials.  The temperature is a little too high in the building, and some of us parents can be a little too tightly wound.

            While we all say it’s about “fun”, watching our own kids play can bring out the worst instincts that we have.

            We all want our sons and daughters to play, to play hard, to play well, and — there’s that phrase again— have fun.  We want them to be well-coached, play on a team that is competitive in their category, and benefit in a host of ways from being involved in competitive athletics.

           Yet we, as parents, sometimes undercut how much fun our kids really have, and how much they will actually benefit.

           This happens by and through our often toxic behaviour, especially during games.

          Unfortunately, many of us don’t recognize our own negative behaviour.  We only see it in others!

           So here is a primer, a reminder, of little things that we can do at and around the rink this fall and winter to make the new hockey season more pleasant for all concerned — most importantly, for the kids.

"15 Things to Remember in the Stands"