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Pee Wee Provincials 2008
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All Games At Centennial Arena

Thursday, March 13th

10:30 am        Coaches/Managers Meeting (Centennial Arena Warm Room)
12:00 pm         Bedford Blues (Seed 7) vs. Halifax Hawks (Seed 1)  
  2:00 pm         Dartmouth Whalers (Seed 6) vs. Sydney Steelers (Seed 2)  
  4:00 pm         Pictou Co. Ballantyne Fuels(Seed 5) vs. Cape Breton West Islanders (Seed 3)
  6:00 pm        Opening Ceremonies
  6:15 pm         Western Valley Spartans (Seed 4) vs. Bedford Blues (Seed 7)
Friday, March 14th    
  8:00 am         Sydney Steelers vs. Pictou Co. Ballantyne Fuels
10:00 am      Cape Breton West Islanders vs. Bedford Blues
12:00 pm         Dartmouth Whalers vs. Western Valley Spartans
  2:00 pm     Halifax Hawks vs. Pictou Co. Ballantyne Fuels  
  4:00 pm        Bedford Blues vs. Sydney Steelers  
  6:00 pm         Cape Breton West Islanders vs. Dartmouth Whalers
  8:00 pm         Western Valley Spartans vs. Halifax Hawks
Saturday, March 15th

10:00 am         Halifax Hawks vs. Dartmouth Whalers  
12:00 pm         Sydney Steelers vs. Cape Breton West  
  2:00 pm     Skills Competition  
  4:00 pm         Pictou Co. Ballantyne Fuels vs. Western Valley Spartans

Top 4 teams advance to semi-finals and are seeded based on tournament play.  

Sunday, March 16th
  8:30 am        4th Seed vs. 1st Seed  
10:30 am         3rd Seed vs. 2nd Seed  
  2:00 pm     Championship Game!!  

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