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Bylaws- ARTICLE 4- Duties and Powers of the Executive Committee
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  1. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the Association during its term of office.

  2. It shall approve all expenditures of Association Funds.

  3. It shall appoint managers and coaches of all teams on the recommendation of the Coaching Selection Committee.

  4. It shall establish Player Registration fees and any other assessments it considers necessary or advisable.

  5. It shall appoint any Standing or Special Committees it considers necessary to assist it in administering the affairs of the Association or to undertake special projects.

  6. It shall have the authority to suspend or cancel the membership of any member, upon a two-thirds majority vote of any regular or special meeting of the Executive Committee, for failure by such member to comply with the Memorandum of Association or by-Laws or for any action unbecoming a member of the Association or detrimental to the best interests of the Association or to Minor Hockey.

  7. It shall have the right to suspend, reject or disqualify, upon a majority vote at any regular or special meeting of the Executive committee, any player or coach or any other Association Official considered to be unsuitable for the position they held, or for any justifiable cause or in any case where it is considered in the best interests of the Association to take such action.

  8. It shall have the authority to appoint any officer for the balance of the season to replace one who resigns or for any other reason is unable to carry out the duties of his/her office.

  9. It shall establish policy guidelines governing the operation of various leagues and teams under the jurisdiction of the Association and it shall decide the format for playoffs in the various Recreational Leagues.

  10. It shall review the membership roll of the Association at least one month in advance of the Annual Meeting to determine the eligible membership entitled to vote or accept an office at the Annual Meeting.

  11. It shall appoint the President, Vice President Administration and Treasurer as signing officers for the Association each year following the Annual Meeting.

12.     It shall appoint Auditors to audit the financial records and the    Annual Statement of the Association. The financial records will be audited at the end of the fiscal year.

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